Best way to connect a gaming laptop to PPM?

Hi everyone!

I just got my PPM and I’m kind of bummed about the HDMI limitations I found. With the room as it is I have use for 4 way keystone and also I use a B&O bluetooth speaker for sound while gaming.

So what are my options here? I quickly tried miracast but it had major input lag. It just seems strange that casting from a phone is way better than from a computer.

If anyone has found a solution for this situation, I’d greatly appreciate some tips!

If you want the best possible results, you’ll need to:

  • connect the laptop to the PPX with HDMI or USB-C
  • position the projector so that you will not need horizontal keystone (ie. 4cc). Vertical keystone is of course fine. Is mounting in the ceiling or on the wall an option?
  • connect the laptop directly to your speakers OR get an audio extractor/splitter to route the audio to the speakers before it reaches the PPX OR connect the speakers to the PPX via the 3.5” audio output