Beta testing protocols and communication

I just got a PM from a user asking me what 3rd party apps Philips or the public beta testing team have tested the write to removable media feature with.

Not only did I not know the answer, but it also made me realize that while we signed up of beta testing duty and gained access to this forum and the beta releases, we’re not really organized in our testing protocols, procedures, or communication about our testing approach and results.

Do you guys have any ideas how we can structure this better, so we’re not just early adopters of new beta firmware but actual beta testers?

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I think we can create various Wiki pages with different info, like one for tested apps, another for known issues etc. The main problem is our team is handling several projects so most of the testing is being done by the internal QC team. So not everything bubbles up to the beta lounge at the moment. But I’m going to try to upload every internal version also for beta team.

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Currently the progress in software updates seems to be very low. I.e. only minor bug fixes are currently visible to the end user. I was expecting here some more pace. Is it due to low resources, or why are updates coming in with so less bug fixes. I.e. I am still not convinced, that the gamma fix is running as expected and have to tweak the settings. Kodi might be another issue due to several parties beeing involved…. Don’t understand me wrong. I am thankful that there is work in progress, but expectations were somewhat higher in terms of turn around times than what is provided. Since there was a plan for at least a weekly update you might feel the same…

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Progress is slow due to lockdowns, the China team is back but the Swiss/German teams are locked. The other bigger reason is that I am pushing for a fix for the critical issues related to GPU, WiFi and BT performance rather than small tweaks here and there. There have been 2 internal versions, neither was released because they’re too minor and every update costs a lot of money.

In any case, we will be releasing a bugfix update in a few days and then go directly to 1.1.0 with updated launcher, even if Kodi and other bigger issues are not yet solved.