Better onboarding

I received my unit yesterday and the onboarding for me as a normal user was not very fun.

The Netflix issue alone will surely generate a lot of bad will, naturally not all buyers will take the time to read through the forums before venting their concern (much like I did). (Most users will update Netflix directly)

There is nothing included in the box to give the impression that you as a buyer is a beta tester and that the software is nowhere near ready. Nor does it mention not to update Netflix. I understand that adding a note of some kind would be a huge logistical hurdle in the factory/packaging line. But how about this. You make the default background (wallpaper) in the latest SW include a disclaimer. In “home” you could also include a link as one of the tiles to the forums (even better to a specific post) which sum up the known issues and the fixes that are on their way.

That way you get a better onboarding experience and might calm the user down a bit giving hope that it might one day work as expected.

For me the onboarding experience went like this:

  1. Connected wifi
  2. Updated the SW to latest version
  3. Logged into Netflix
  4. Noticed that Netflix seemed to run in some exteme low res mode, both thumbnails and video looked like low res gif files (in retrospect this might have been a network issue).
  5. Tried removing Netflix and installing all other available versions in the Aptoide TV store, none works.
  6. Logged into Prime, no previews or posters loaded, only loading progress spinners everywhere.
  7. Uninstalled Prime and tried all other available versions in the Aptoide TV store, none works.
  8. Installed HBO Nordic, tried to start it. Did not work. “Requires Google Play”.
  9. Gave up on the software, thought ok, at least I can connect a Chromecast and see my 3 streaming services that way and just live with the projector not actually being smart.
  10. Connected a chromecast, video worked, got my hopes up.
  11. Found out Bluetooth audio is not supported with external video sources…

So I was ready to send the unit back.
Now that Netflix works (factory reset) I am willing to give it some time and see what else can be solved.
But the bluetooth audio not working with external sources is a big let down, chromecast would have been the solution to all apps not working (and to be honest, you will never be able to support all the apps the users will want to stream from without a proper play store) But with no BT audio support the chromecast solution requires a 3,5mm analogue connection to a speaker which the user will want to place by the screen, not by the projector. That is not ok.

This seems to be a good idea. @Philips_Support_P Thoughts?


Once the Easy Setup app is finished and included, these Do’s and Don’ts can also be shown.

A group email to every new batch of backers that’s about to receive it with instructions would be easier I think,
Don’t think the majority of us will be keen on that wallpaper

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Does the wallpaper reset to default when you do a SW update?

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The wallpapers are always on default, since there is no way to change them, …yet

Good question, I’ll keep it in mind to check this on my next FW update. It could be that it’s a user setting that not overwritten.

@ThunderStrk: he meant “Does the wallpaper choice reset to the default choice when you do a FW update?”

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I’ll do the checking now, just about to update to 1.1.01

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Happy to report the wallpaper didn’t change, It was still what I had on before “the door”

Then I would argue that the wallpaper disclaimer is still a valid option, since it will only impact the new users (old users can change wallpaper to dismiss the disclaimer).

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Fair enough plus a group email