Better Web browser

Hi Guys,

What web browser we can use for our PPM other than the Firefox that comes with it?
I find Firefox is crappy to use, trying to install Chrome but it is asking me to log in Google Play.

Thank you!


I don’t have ppm yet but you can try to install Puffin TV. Hopefully it should work and is super convenient on my tv. It also allows to view all kind of videos (such as sport stream) directly in the browser.

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I just downloaded it and it works like a charm!


Friendly reminder that Puffin Browser is “cloud based”, which is not bad per-se, but be aware of it

I’m using Chrome and so far works fine using the mouse functionality.

Hi Kugigi aKa Javacookies

How did you managed to install Chrome on your PPM?


Hey guys,

I’m using Brave as my main browser for quite some time now and even installed it on my xgimi H1 - it’s available in Aptoide store.

It is a Chrome based browser but has a lot of built-in functionalities. For example it automatically blocks ads, popups, background scripts on websites like crawlers, etc. I won’t go into much details, but since I’m using it - no more ads and everything runs much faster.

What does this mean? What should we be aware of? I’ve been using Puffin for ages.

Puffin is a remote browser, the actual content of the web page is executed and rendered on the company’s cloud and only the rendered output is sent to your device. It has implications about privacy, IP policies and other aspects that you should be aware of.

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Ah ha. Ok cool thanks for clarifying.

I downloaded it from apkpure site.

Is it a pebkac or the provided build of Firefox does not support http basic auth?

Firefox Focus has hardware acceleration support for PicoPix. The preloaded Firefox doesn’t. FYI.

It also does HTTP auth. :laughing:

trying to install it but unable to install that particular