Black shadow in the top right corner

I have contacted the support via e-mail because I noticed a hardware defect on my PicoPix Max. There is a black shadow in the top right corner of the screen. I got a response saying I should post the problem here to get official support so I am doing that. Here are images of the problem:

Thank You!

Same here. I noticed this shadow on mine since the day it’s arrived.

Same here. I already put it on here as did others but there is no support from anyone?!

In order to get any help would loop in @PhilipsNono @Philips_Support_P Hi guys could you Kindly assist?

I have the same problem, in the right same place.

The shadow is on the right side and topside
The left side and down light is leaking outside image in the room so my conclution is the lens is tilted more to the left and down i meant the light source right ?
Why they did this i dont understand
But i think its same on all

But then maybe some of the leaking light is lost in the image ?

Hi guys, same here, in the right same place.
Did Philips @Philips_Support_N @Philips_Support_P resolve this issue?
I have sent mails to but seems neither no tikcet or no response.

I was using ceiling-front mode so the screen looks weird.

Hi @Tony.N

no official from Philips answered on this forum, so I wrote an email to support again. They finally answered there.
They asked me to fill out the return form. On the return form it says that Philips will contact you after you completed the form, but in my case they did not. So I recommend when you filled out the form, send them an email again.

After a long time, I finally got a return label and returned the projector. I asked them how long it will take and again, they don‘t answer the email. I have returned the projector on January 26th and haven‘t heard a word from them since.

All in all, my experience with the support is really terrible. Won‘t buy any Philips product again.

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Philips support finally replied me and sent me the return form.

However, I have received the last message “ Unfortunately, we’ve fallen behind with shipping labels issue and we’ll do our utmost to send them as soon as possible.” and no more progress as two week passed.

Of course no return label was received.

Philips’s after sales service is really terrible :cry: .

Any update? Have the same shadow problem, but don’t want to send it back, cause not sure if i’ll ever get an other beamer…

Hi, I have finally sent back the device on 8 Apr.

One month had passed I still didn’t receive the new device.

I just noticed the same issue. Anyone has any news?