Blink every 10 seconds when not on economy mode

I’m happy with Picopix Max, but today something strange have happened. Usually I used PPM in energy save (because of no noise) and everything is ok. But when I changed to presenter mode, it’s beginning to blink, i.e. image go all black for half a second and then restore. That happens every ten seconds or so. When I returned to Economy mode, everything go ok again. I did check also a normal mode, it’s also blinking. What can I do with this problem?

Please send an email to about this issue, using the subject line

PPX620 projection issue

Please include (a link to) a video of the issue so tech support can see what exactly is going on. (If you could share it with us here also would be great, as I’ve not seen reports of such an issue before)

Hi @wintsa do you have the charger connected to the projector? It sounds like it’s switching from battery to power and vice versa.

Yes, It’s right. I did answer already:

Александр Дерендяев

Jul 9, 2020, 3:30 PM GMT+2

Ok, I’ve done some experiments and found out what has happened.
- No, it’s doesn’t blink when worked on battery.
- Yes, it blinks when used an adapter at 100% charged.
- I used last FW version, namely 1.1.02.
- After factor reset blinking was still on place.
I have tried to shoot the video of blinking and have found that it looks same when changed the mode (economy-normal-presenter). I’ve suppose there some problems with energy (may by it’s not enough or something else).
I’ve used SlimQ charger which is also ranked as 20V at 3.25A (also got from indiegogo
When I change this charger to original, everything get ok, it stops blinking.
I don’t know why it’s happening, but is it possible to change that behavior? Because slimq adapter is much lighter and convenient than original one for travelling.

пт, 10 июл. 2020 г. в 20:30, Prashant via Philips Projection <>: