Blocked Countries

@PhilipsNono, I think it is reasonable to bring updates regarding the so-called blocked countries. It is unfair to simply skip backers because of logistic problems and also fail to give updates about progress and efforts. As for me, my case is Brazil!


True. As these are updatING periodically. Even DHL is working in Kuwait now but still it’s not in list

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@PhilipsNono regarding Brazil, DHL has been working normally. Here is a message from them. If what you say about Brazil is true please provide a proof of why Brazil is on the list of “Blocked Countries”. image

@PhilipsIvo it seems that @PhilipsNono is more responsive to you. Can you please help me clear this doubt? Because I am starting to believe that @PhilipsNono has a sort of preference for certain countries. I better be wrong.

I wish I had more of his attention, but his main focus is on delivering these units to all backers, and believe me, his name gets quoted, tagged, or messaged a whole lot in this forum!

I replied to you & explained in another thread why despite what DHL in Brazil told you, things might not be as easy as you think for the shipments out of Hong Kong.

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I saw your reply. Thanks

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