Blue Light + Low Battery

I received my PPM yesterday, and updated to the latest firmware and switched to presentation mode. I had it plugged in, but didn’t realize that it was using battery, and it subsequently ran the battery down. I didn’t get a low-power warning, it just shut off.

I then checked the connections and eventually, the red charging light came on. So I turned it back on and confirmed that the charging indicator was also shown on screen. I started watching Netflix, and after about 20 minutes, it shut off again.

I checked the projector and the charging light was off. So I switched the mains off, then back on, and it turned red again. I turned the projector back on and, once again, verified that the charging indicator was shown. I started watching Netflix again, and after maybe 5 minutes, I noticed that the charging light had turned blue. Sure enough, after a few minutes the projector shut down. It wasn’t blinking red/blue, so it doesn’t seem to be a power supply issue. But, even if it thought it was fully charged, it should still be drawing power from the mains, and not run the battery down.

I’m using the power supply and cable that came with the unit, and it’s plugged into a power strip.

Did you confirm that you were plugged into the USB-C power port and not the USB-C video port?

Yes, I confirmed that it was in the correct port (the one on the right), and the battery was charging, so it must have been the right port. It just seemed to switch to fully charged mode when it wasn’t even close.

I’ve left it off & charging since my original post. I just checked on it, and rather than seeing either Red or Blue, the charging light wasn’t lit. So, at some point it stopped again.

I’ll move it to a different power strip to see if it’s somehow contributing to the issue.

This sounds like a thermal shutdown. Have you tried running it on Energy Saver or Normal mode instead of presentation? What is the room temperature? What’s your city’s altitude? Do you have at least 30 cm of empty space for air to flow on the sides of the projector? Are you using the supplied power adapter and usb cable?

Hi @PhilipsEngineering, thanks for your reply.

I haven’t tried running on Energy Saving or Normal modes, but I will try that if it happens again.
The room temperature is about 27-28C and I’m probably at about 20-30m above sea level maybe. The sides of the projector are unobstructed but the back was a few centimeters from a wall - enough space for the charging cable to fit into the projector. I am using the supplied power adapter and USB cable.

I read that in the next firmware update, there’s supposed to be battery% added. Would it be possible for a future update to include temperature as well?

Hi Scott, for sure I will ask the team to add a thermal warning. We have received at least 4-5 reports of similar problem happening.

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can you put in a visual warning for thermal shutdown or a sound warning too.

After moving to a new power strip, I tried charging again, with the projector running, in presentation mode. After a while, it kicked out of charging mode, showing fully charged with only 2 bars on the battery.

So I switched to economy mode, disconnected and reconnected the charging cable to reestablish charging mode, and let it continue. Again, it kicked out of charging mode after a while.

So, I shut it down and reconnected the charging cable and let it charge while off. Once it was fully charged, I started using it again. It seemed to function just fine, and the charging light remained blue, even after being plugged-in overnight with the power off. So, at no point did it just stop charging and act like it wasn’t connected to power, like it had before.

So, it seems that maybe it wasn’t charging properly while powered on? Not sure, but if there are any tests that you’d like me to try, let me know.

Battery charging is very slow when the projector is powered on since it uses a lot of power itself. Specially on presentation mode, the projector is using 65W on its own and the battery barely gets any charge. It is recommended to power the projector off while charging. Hope that it’s working fine now after being fully charged overnight.

@PhilipsEngineering I’m from Pakistan and many in India/Pakistan and warmer climates will be using the device in those or higher temperatures. Please add adaptive cooling to the next firmware. This is very important for day to day use and for extending the life of the projector.

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As long as you use it within recommended temperature range, it’ll be fine. 10-35°C. Above 35°C I don’t think there are any consumer electronics devices that will still operate properly!

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But the effectiveness of the cooling will decrease as ambient temperature increases. So will the fans adapt accordingly and go faster?

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@PhilipsNono @PhilipsEngineering Hi! I’ve also received the projector and would just like to check how many hours am I supposed to charge the projector before it’s fully charged? I noticed that it doesn’t really charge while in use and the same thing happens, it just shuts down. So the projector needs to be turned off while charging without any indication if its full. Red light when it charges, turns to blue then when it’s low batt then it just turns off.

Hi @Shahraiz,

As @PhilipsEngineering said below, fan speed is not adaptive yet :

There’s 2 information here :

  • Well, that the fan speed is fix for each mode, and then if the weather conditions are too hot you can have thermal issue and an auto power off for PPM safety.
  • The “yet” word could let us think that one day, in a not so far future (?), a software update will bring this adaptive fan speed feature.
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I had the same concerns since I’m from a warmer, generally more humid climate. I talked to him about the adaptive speeds as an option and he said he would push for it. Let’s see?!

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Yes, charge it when it’s powered off. When powered on, the battery is mostly bypassed and only any “leftover” power is used to charge (slowly).

  • Red = charging
  • Blue = fully charged

Should take like 1.5 hr to charge.

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That’s bad news for Australians, it was literally 44°C here in Melbourne yesterday. Haha.

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