Bluetooth Connection with Apple devices fail

Hi all,
I received my ppm a couple of days ago and I am really happy with the first experiences I made… it was worth waiting!
Unfortunately I face a couple of issues:

  1. Connecting my iPhone or iPad (both with latest iOS). Pairing works, but when I click on „connect“ on my ppm and/or my iPhone/iPad, the latter shows “connected“ for a couple of seconds, then goes back to “not connected“ again. PPM constantly shows “paired“ in bright menue. Neither screen mirroring nor airplay is possible. Pairing and connection with my JBL Flip 3 world flawlessly…
  2. Battery: after charging for a whole night, the battery shows 98% after turning on the PPM. Also, even all those hours, the led blinked red/blue…
    Does anyone have an idea?
  1. You don’t need to connect your phone via Bluetooth to do airplay or screen mirroring. Just start the airplay app at least once on the PPX.
  2. There are a few threads about the battery not charging fully, search for them.

Thanks @IvoGrijt

  1. I have started the airplay app multiple times. Does the Bluetooth connection work against airplay or screen mirroring?
  2. Will search for it

Bluetooth is for audio only, is your iPhone iPad and the piocopix on the same wifi network? screen mirroring
Is done over wifi

Yes, all devices (ppm, iPhone, iPad) are on the same WiFi network.

Do you see the PPX620 appear on this screen?


Please post a pic of the Airplay settings screen if you can.

Here you go…

The only boxes that are checked extra by me are the Use Textureview and the YouTube HD ones

Thanks for checking… I just read that it might be the router which blocks screen mirroring or airplay. I’m currently not at home, I’ll check again when back…
PPX should be shown as Airplay device on iPhone/iPad, when on the same WiFi network, right? No further apps needed besides activating the airplay/mirror app, correct? (Sorry for the stupid questions…)

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None of these questions are stupid.
And you’re correct in both statements, you only need to start the Airplayer app once.

Hi @PhilipsIvo,
I hope you’re well. I still have issues with the flashing red/blue light when projector is connected to power charger. Also the battery never reaches 100% loading capacity. I saw that many people exchanged their projector. What do I have to do to initiate an exchange as well? Can you please help?