Bluetooth Dropouts with JBL Partybox 100

i have two JBL Partybox 100 Bluetooth Speakers. They work with all of my Smartphones (S10 and Iphone SE), my TV and also Alexa. But with PPM i got Dropouts after some time, around 2 times every minute. Using only one Speaker of them.
Think you should check you Bluetooth Stack.
Something coming in the next updates ?

The remote has been known to sometimes cause issues with bluetooth audio. Could you try to remove the batteries from the remote while using the PPX and see if that helps?

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Had this problem too. This is because the remote and the speaker work on the 2,4ghz wifi band. Try to connect your ppx on the 5.0ghz wifi band, this solved the problem for me.

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Yes, it is the remote. Take out the battery’s. All ist good, no it’s not good. Tried another speaker Play & Go from Harman Kardon. The same if i put in thr batterys. You have to fix this problem … Not good, sorry. Want to use the remote with my speakers connected…

How far away are the speakers? I have the same problem but if the speaker is 3m away (which should not be a problem).

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My JBL Flip 5 speakers around 3m away will have a split second drop out every few minutes. Now I put the speakers at 1.5m away from PPMax - zero drop outs.

Give it a try. Move your speakers closer to the PPMax, if possible.


Same thing here with my JBL Flip 5. Doesn’t work (dropouts) at a very short distance and only works when the speaker is right next to the projector. But why do I have to sacrifice distance for sound quality when I have other much smaller devices (like my airpods) that can work with my phone from like 10ft away??? I’d like to put my speakers under my picture but I cant do that because of this problem

I don’t know if this apply to you, but I had a similar problem with my JBL Charge 4.

Everytime I watched movies with quiet dialogue the sound would cut off for a couple of seconds, only to resume again a bit later. It turned out to be caused by the speaker going into standby mode with low volume. My workaround is to turn the volume of the projector up and adjust the actual volume on the speaker.

Same problem for me with JBL Charge 3, and with BT headphones. Problem only occurs 5% of the time, but once it happens it’s a gradual buildup of dropout over 30ish seconds, then a gradual decrease to clear, then it starts again in a minute or 2.
Once it’s started, I invariably end up turning off my BT device in frustration and using the (insufficient but functional) internal speaker to finish what I’m watching.
Shutting down and restarting sometimes works for a short while, but not long.
Shutting down and trying again another day works most of the time, but that’s not much of a solution…

I’ll try pulling the remote batteries next time it happens and update here.