Bluetooth Pairing Continuously Prompts

I paired the PPM with a Bluetooth speaker, originally. I disconnected the BT speaker and now speaker is connected via audio out jack.

The issue is now the PPM continuously prompts to pair with the BT speaker. Note that my speaker is not in Pairing mode.

If I click “Cancel”, the prompt just returns 15 seconds later, asking to Pair again.

If I click “Pair”, the pairing is successful and “Connected”.

If I click “Pair” and then click the BT speaker device, it disconnects. But, 15 seconds later it prompts to “Pair” or “Cancel” again (and again and again).

I do not want the BT speaker to be the audio output. I do not mind if it is “paired” but it should not be active / “Connected”.

Firmware Version 1.1.02
Launcher Version: 1.4.0
Chip Version: 20191121

*Bluetooth Speaker: Jawbone Jambox

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Kudos on being complete! Only piece of info missing is the model of BT speaker.

Hi @BrendonM you can unpair/forget the pairing if you go to Bluetooth settings, and click the speaker name from the list, when it says “Paired” or “Connected”.

@PhilipsEngineering Yes, clicking on the speaker name in Bluetooth settings unpairs the speaker, but then the PPM prompts to Pair again. This is the issue. If you click Pair, it will Pair; if you click Cancel, it will ask to Pair again, over and over.

Can you make a video about this actually? I wonder if there’s something we might see in the behavior that could explain this…