Bluetooth range too low

Hi Philips, first off congrats on a great concept and exceptional picture quality. Coming to the problem I am facing, any Bluetooth speaker or receiver I connect Is limited to a distance of less than 2 feet from the PPM. If I move it further than 2 feet, the connection is lost. The airmote seems to work fine at any distance (25 - 30 feet). Is there an easy fix or is this a hardware issue that we have to unfortunately live with?

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Which receivers have you tested? Can you provide models? Maybe someone also has those and can compare.

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My JBL speakers extreme and charge 4 work flawless even if situated in another room. So does my LG sound bar.

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I’ve tried 3 devices. They all behave the same.

Bose Bluetooth Audio Adapter, model 418048
Tchibo Portable Speaker, model 312554
UGreen Bluetooth receiver 5.0, model 40854

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Sounds silly but could you hook everything up and get it working, but then remove the battery from the remote and see if the bluetooth speaker works.
There are known issues with multiple connected bluetooth devices at the moment.

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Hi. Good suggestion, but I had seen the topic earlier and tried with the remote batteries removed. Unfortunately it’s the same.

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Is the Wifi running on 5.8 ghz? Bluetooth uses the same frequency bands as 2.4. The other half couldn’t use her bluetooth Bose head phones with her iPad until we changed the wifi over to Wifi 5. Audio streaming is quite intense.

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Yes running on 5GHz from the beginning. I actually also tested the 2.4GHz WiFi later to see if it made a difference, but nothing changed.

Hello @Amarsoman the AirMote uses Bluetooth Low Energy which has a range of 60m outdoors and 10m indoors. Audio uses Bluetooth Classic which has a reduced range of about 3 to 10m depending on the environment.

However we regularly test with multiple popular speakers and headphones. I have just checked the range with a pair of Apple AirPods Pro. The range was fine in all rooms of one floor (about 70 sq.m.) but the audio dropped out when moving one floor below.

If you’re not achieving the range of at least a large hall, please check if you have any metallic or magnetic objects placed near the projector or the speakers, or any other possible sources of interference. If possible, please also test with some other devices, e.g. Bose QC35, Apple AirPods or Samsung sound bars (devices that we ourselves test with) to rule out your speakers/receivers as the source of the problem.

Another thing you can try is to unpair them from the PicoPix bluetooth settings, then put the devices in pairing mode and pair it again. I am guessing you have turned Bluetooth off and on already, and rebooted the projector, during your troubleshooting. This generally clears the Bluetooth stack and could also resolve some issues.

Let us know if any of these suggestions help. If you still encounter problems, we will exchange the unit.

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I have the same problem with my jabra solemate speaker… 2 metters maximum over this distance it’s cut

Same problem for the remote not works in bluetooth after 1 metter :worried:

Hello @PhilipsEngineering , thanks for the input. I’ve tried a pair of Airpods and it’s the same. Disconnects beyond 2 - 3 feet which makes it practically unusable. Also tried unpairing and pairing all devices, with and without the airmote paired and WiFi always at 5GHz with no success. I hate to say I’ll be looking at a replacement. Just as I’d absolutely started enjoying everything else about this lovely projector. Hooked it up to my amp and Bose V301’s via the 3.5 mm earphone jack and it absolutely blew my mind!

Hello @PhilipsEngineering Prashant, how do I go about getting an exchange?

Hello @PhilipsEngineering, I also tried factory reset and pairing speaker without airmote, but no luck. Bluetooth audio out is really very important for my usecase. Do you have any more suggestions to try and get it working?

Idem the range is ridiculous… we must change the ppm ???

Please use the “Contact” link at the top right of this page (scroll all the way up), or send an email to to initiate a warranty replacement.

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I’ve send an email and i don’t have return by

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I’ve the same problem with wifi quality… i lost the signal easily