Bluetooth sound needed?

Hello dear lucky ppm owners,

Still waiting to get mine in Paris and I cannot tell you how exited I will be when one morning I will discover the mail telling you it is on its way !

Just wanted to know how powerful the internal speakers are ? Is it loud enough or will you definitely need an outside Bluetooth system ?

Many thanks


Internal speakers are not high volume, not full range sound, are covered up by the fan noise (especially in Presentation mode), and most importantly the sound does not come from where the image of the person speaking is. Using a properly positioned Bluetooth speaker or speakers that can fill your room with sound will make a huge improvement to your viewing / listening experience. Even my mono Memorex MRX-MW601 was 10x better than the built in speakers on the PPM.

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Of course it is great to have internal speakers to at least have some sound when not using external speakers. But of course the speakers in such a small form factor projector combined with the location where the sounds is located, sound from a good bluetooth speaker will definately improve the experience:)

Thats sad to hear - I love this aspect of my Capsule II, just a much simpler and more portable setup with good enough sound, at least for watching sports.

It will definitely be fine for that:) bot of course a good pair of bluetooth speakers will be even better;)

The internal volume is very low and at times choppy and barely understandable. I would highly recommend using external Bluetooth enabled speakers.