Bluetooth speaker does not automatically connect


I have an UltimatEars Wonderboom which I would like to use with the PPM.

When I first paired the speaker everything works fine. The next time I turned on the PPM and the speaker it doesn’t connect automatically. There isn’t even an option to connect the devices. All I have is unpair.

So in order to connect, I had to unpair and pair the speaker. Seems to be the only option for me.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Thanks, Carsten

Wow that is different and strange, so you have paired other speakers and they don’t have this problem?

Are you sure you can only Unpair @netsrac27? The menu contrast is a bit difficult, but the Connect button is there. I have the exact same speaker and as you can (almost) see, the button is there.


By the way, automatic connection should happen if the speaker is put on after the PPX has initialized, and the last device connected to by the speaker was the PPX.


@Philips_Support_P could a fix for this (white text on light background in the BT menu) be put on an issue list?

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Yes… I noticed that quite some time ago. Ignored it since it is not too critical but will be a problem if nobody can see it :sweat_smile:

Should a speaker connect automatically or would your always need to manually pair the speaker?

I haven’t check with my PPM now, but if the menu to connect is so barely visible, then I might haven’t seen it.

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From my experience, it automatically connects. My JBL Flip speaker automatically connects to the PPMax once it boots up.

My JBL speakers do as well

my experience is that it connects automatically if I switch on the Wonderboom before the PPM.
When the PPM is already on, the only way is to go through the menu as described above, i.e. no requirement to unpair/pair.
Hope it helps.
NB : it’s OK for me, as it can be rather cumbersome to have a device connecting to all paired BT equipments, even when there’s no need for it.

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They do connect automatically, but if you have more than one set of bluetooth speakers paired, it will only auto connect to the last one used, so if you switch to the previous speaker you need to manually connect, but not manually pair, pairing is only done once

Wow! Who on earth came up with that colour-scheme???

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I am exploring the PicoPix Max. It’s able to pair with more than one Bluetooth Speakers. However, there’s no option in the Bluetooth menu to select the currently preferred Speaker.

Example: I have a Home Bluetooth Speaker which I use whenever I’m home.
Whenever I travel; I would carry a Portable Bluetooth Speaker and would like to use the PPM with it.

The current workaround I use is to unpair and pair the desired speaker. This is rather cumbersome and would sometimes require several attempts to get it working.

I have paired more than one set of Bluetooth Audio. How do I disconnect one and connect to another?

In the bluetooth menu, click on the bluetooth speaker you want to use and on the right a menu pops up.
Select connect and that’s it.

For a picture, see what Ivo wrote a few posts up: