Bluetooth sync to speaker and phone not smooth when play video

Hi, when i use bluetooth connect to my JBL flip5 speaker and use iPhone airplay mode to play video . The visual and music also not smooth and have delay. Same happen when play youtube video ? Any firmware can improve the preference? Thank you.

Is the audio/video lag still present using the internal speaker in the projector? That result would indicate whether the sync issue happens in the Airplay streaming or the Bluetooth audio streaming. Is local playback from the projector in sync?

The sound only on JBL speaker, video on projector. really quite lag on playing now.

What device have you connected the JBL speaker to?
PPM team say you should connect it to the source (iPhone) and not the PPM projector.

Why connect the speaker to iPhone? The source of input is from iPhone, output to projector. And then the projector link with speaker for output of sound. Logic not correct?

@cheslee No. The Audio is coming from the device, which is streaming, in this case your Phone. Maybe there is an issue with your Speakers bluetooth? Is it far away from your phone?

Only if you are watching something from PicoPixMax, like for example from Netflix on it, the audiosource would be PicoPixMax.

Think about it in terms of the number of hops.

For the video:
iPhone (source) to projector (destination) = 1 hop

For the audio (how @cheslee is currently trying it):
iPhone (source) to projector (decode, encode) to speaker (destination) = two hops.

The projector has to decode the audio and then encode it again to send to the speaker. This is why you get a delay if the iPhone is the source.

And what @Gizem_Goezmen said :slight_smile:

I have a JBL 500 bt Bluetooth headphone connected to my PPM. when i cast my android phone to the ppm, The audio is very jittery. Is this normal?

I have similar problems when i use airplay: first the airplay does not really work (it s far from the performance of an AppleTV, which is already not perfect). But even when you get it too work, the video is jerky (skips video frames as if you have a slow PC playing a video). Getting to work in sync with the Bluetooth speaker (Marshalls) seems too much to ask.
Secondly, when you airplay, you cannot keep your sound dispatched to a bluetooth device to which you d have your phone connected. Airplay sends both video and sound information… i have never managed to split them.
I ll welcome the tips if anyone has. For now i m using mostly the device through the internal software, but cannot use airplay, which sucks (it was one of the point of buying this projector)