Bluetooth volume needs compression (leveling) and boost (>100%) options

Bluetooth volume varies wildly, and is woefully insufficient for most dialogue. I have tested internal apps (Prime, NF, Hulu, YT) as well as over HDMI (from iPad, for instance) — most or all of these apps have content that makes hearing dialogue nearly impossible with even the mildest environmental noise (we’re talking inaudibility even when adjusting one’s seating position).

At the same time, many of the action or scored (music) sequences are loud and even grating at times. I have a pair of quite capable Bluetooth speakers we connect when watching films or shows. Needing to place each of the two speakers within a few feet of those watching so they can strain to hear dialogue, only to be blasted during louder scenes — it feels like a huge shortcoming of this otherwise quite capable projector. Since some of the key issues and bugs have been worked out through software (including Bluetooth connections and interference improvements), I felt it would be worth requesting.

My speakers can put out 3-4x what they do when connected to this projector. Compression would help a ton, I’m sure. Manual amplification beyond (the current) 100% would be a huge benefit as well. I’m new here, so please let me know if this should be somewhere else, or phrased differently.



I know it doesn’t matter for the feature you’re requesting, but what brand / model are the speakers you use?

Thanks for the question @IvoGrijt. I’ve used both Aomais Go (dual setup) and VTIN R7 (also dual setup), each connected via TWS (Aomais to Aomais or RTIN to RTIN). I actually bought the R7s because they were rated at nearly twice the power of the Aomais Go’s hoping it would make movie nights more comfortable/easier to hear. I was rather disappointed to find out that more than half of our movies still suffer from excessive amounts of inaudible dialogue.


bose soundtouch ed1847 here, exactly same problem. adjusting volume all the time between dialoque and action/music ^^

Same issue with Memorex MRX-MW601 speaker, and lesser extent but still true for Soundcore Spirit Pro headphones.

I agree that volume steps should be greater in number, smaller in difference between steps, and a control for compression amount would be very good as well.

As an aside, did Phillips put you on payroll, Ivo?!? If so, congradudolences!

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Same here. Whether I use my Apt-X bluetooth headphones or a bluetooth speaker set, the volume levelling seems off. Watching the same source (e.g. Netflix) elsewhere - like a phone, laptop, Chromecast (on TV not projector) doesn’t encounter this issue so it does seem due to something on the PPM.

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