Blurry, doubled

Hello everyone,
mostly since the update the image is blurry and the text is doubled.

The autofocus doesn’t resolve anything, even manually.
I don’t know what to do and nothing change compared to the previous days when everything was fine.
Thanks for your help

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I have notices something similar, but in my case it seems to go away after i let the projector heat up for a minute or two. Does this “effect” fade again after a while?

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Yesterday I tried again and it was better, and after a little bit it has blurred like a cheap projector.
Today, it seems okay (from 10 mins).
I am a little but afraid
Edit : it’s like it’s getting tired after few minutes or 1 hour

maybe this has something to do with the projector reaching its “ideal” operating temperature. has anybody else also experienced this? in my case it would only happen when i just started up the projector after a longer period of no use and a few minutes later it was all okay.

What are the conditions you’re using the projector in, room temperature and humidity -wise?

Thanks everyone for your answers

I live in a dry place and now it’s getting a little bit cold but it’s okay

If the issue remains please open a ticket by sending an email to, and include the link to this thread please.


Welcome back Ivo :grinning:

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Thanks for noticing Dean! :relaxed:

I’ve had this issue since I received my projector: regardless of how long it’s running and I live in Sydney so pretty temperate. Thanks for raising this Njape as I wondered whether it was just me, unable to calibrate it properly. I’ll followup with Support as Ivo suggested. Thanks both

Thanks for your answer. Sorry to hear that you have the same problem
I replied to the support but no news from them…

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The support doesn’t answer me anymore, I don’t know what to do… Opening a new ticket?
Thanks guys

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Haha, same here Njape. I did hear back from Support, asking that I complete a form to arrange pickup by Logistics of my defective device. I’ve now been waiting over two weeks to hear from Logistics, now wondering when/if they will be in touch… Hope that someone has now helped you out

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Oh exactly the same. I opened a new ticket (I know its bad but damn I’m stressed that after it’s too late) but no answer neither.

I will keep you all informed

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i had the same issue and after factory reset it was back on track

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Thanks for your answer but I tried it already without success

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Hi Ivo, I contacted Support as you suggested. Support asked me to complete a Return Form to arrange pick up by a courier. It’s now been over 5 weeks since I completed the Form and no-one’s been to collect the faulty projector. I contacted Support a couple of times to find out what’s happening, but no response.

It’s this normal? Any suggestions on what I should do? Any help/advice you can offer is most welcome.


They answered my ticket few days ago asking me to do a “diagnostic” not related to my problem. I answered, waiting now. I will keep you in touch

They sent me the form for the return
have a nice day

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Hey Njape - progress! Great to hear. Has anyone been to collect your device? Mine just got picked up by the courier for inspection, about 5 weeks after filling out the form. The key point being that it does happen in the end. Will keep you posted