"Boss key" to Quickly Black Out Screen

Hello Philips,

I would like to suggest a “boss key” feature to quickly black out the screen or toggle the lamp ON/OFF.

There are many possible use cases such as blanking out the screen temporarily during presentations or preventing others from seeing what you’re watching (if caught by surprise).

Some ideas to activate (or toggle) this feature:

  • Double-clicking a key on the AirMote
  • Pressing a 2-key combo on the AirMote
  • Quick swipe (eg. left to right) on the TouchPad

Optionally, it would be great if there is a setting which allow users to choose whether to also turn off sound when toggling. If this option cannot be implemented, then the sound should turn off when the lamp goes off.

Thank you for your consideration.


nice suggestion, indeed a common feature on projectors.

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How about some like that Nebula has do it: When you press shortly power button either on your device or remote control projector shut up screen and going to sleep mode. Long press shut down projector.

Simple and easy?

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Sounds easy and logical:) @PhilipsEngineering


Must be for porn watching… :sweat_smile:


Haha sounds logical, although I usually use the feature during presentations Haha

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Another vote for “emergency porn shut down” button

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