Broken charging port

Hello there,

I’ve got a big problem with my beloved PicoPix Max. It looks like the charging port is broken, some of the golden pins are no longer connected to the plastic in the middle of the port. I’ve just used the projector this morning running on battery and not wanted to recharge it. I don’t know how this happened, as I use the original charging cable and it never fell down or something like that.
How can I get this fixed?

Ouch, that doesn’t sound good at all!

Can you post a close-up picture of the charge port, and also of the connector on the cable? USB-C connectors are surprisingly robust despite their size, but not indestructible. I’m wondering what might have caused the pins to dislodge from the paddle (the plastic in the middle).

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This is the best picture I can get out of my camera. It looks like the fourth pin from the left is gone. The one on the far left seems to be a little loose as well. The charging cable is fine, works with my phone without a problem. I wonder if a local repair shop can fix this…

Yes, the 4th pin from the edges are all VBUS (charger input in this case) all around. The one to the far left (and the other three edge positions) are all ground. Technically you don’t need all four VBUS pins but as the PPM is fairly high-power there’s a risk to overload the pins (they’re typically rated at 1.25A each for a total of 5A).

Is that 4th connector pin bent or did it snap off completely? If it snapped off the unit may very well still charge OK.

The USB-C connectors can generally be swapped fairly easily (even though these are hybrid through-hole plus surface mount variants), but @PhilipsEngineering might want to chime in what course of action he would suggest in this case.

Opening the unit and repairing the unit outside the official service channel will most definitely void the warranty.


Just for reference, my PPM:

You should say my BELOVED ppm… :sweat_smile: I called mine beloved too even though it is not usable now due to out of focus issue…

That’s one difficult connector to get a good picture of!

My guess would be either the connector was faulty from the beginning or there was a piece of debris that managed to get stuck, pulling up the connector pin (because there really is no room for that pin to dislodge otherwise)


Just a quick update: I’ve contacted screeneo support waiting for an answer. Meanwhile I’ve just tested a different charging cable and it seems that the PPM is charging, just as @wernerj suggested.


Perhaps the pin that broke off is still in the original cable then? :thinking:

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