BT signal for powering on


I have paired my remote, but I can’t get power on button working with BT signal. IR works fine.

This feature would be great to have when projector is plugged to power source!

Hi @lauron it’s not possible to keep the Bluetooth chip active and paired when the projector is “off” (i.e. standby) due to strict eco-friendly standby power requirements.

So at the moment only infrared can be used to turn it on!

(PS: the power requirements apply even if plugged in.)

It’s fairly easy to use IR to turn it on. You don’t need to point the remote directly on the projector’s back. You can point it at any surface behind it and the signal will bounce. Results may vary though and might also depend on the power of the remote’s battery.

Yeah! I do not have a line of sight to the projector sadly :frowning:

”Direct Power On” feature would also be really nice to have (as Optoma projectors do for example). An option to automatically power on the projector when AC power is supplied. This would make the projector easier to integrate smart home devices!