Bug in Philips ticket system?


I have been waiting for my replacement projector for more than 2 months now and got no reply from support. I just noticed on the support-website that my ticket has the status “awaiting your reply” which can’t be right because I already answered the latest question from support and added another response. Could it be possible that this is the reason there is no activity on the replacement process? Please check this issue. My ticket number is #32173. Thank You!


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Hi @Sim7 ! Looks like there was bug indeed and your request was suspended. Sorry about that. The replacement for you will be shipped soon. Sorry for that it took too long, we have experienced a lot of delays due to the pandemic. Once it is shipped, we will provide you with the tracking number. Please be patient with the delivery as it may take a bit longer as well. Thank you for understanding!

Hi @Philips_Support_T,
Thank You, I appreciate the answer!