Bulb no longer powers up

Please can someone help me get some response to my screeneo support request ticket 41471.

The bulb no longer operates but fan and autofocus do. Have tried all troubleshooting steps including cable restore.

From reading through this forum I believe as backer no 81 I recieved an earlier version of the projector so may be suffering from a symptom of the shorter flex cable.

Maybe 1 in 10 tries the bulb will fire up but then the image freezes on home screen and although I hear a reponse from the button presses on the blutooth speaker nothing happens on the screen.

Please help…life is a little duller now this projector no longer works.

Thank is advance


Dear Customer,

Upon checking your case,

We have seen in the indicated ticket reference that you have since received a reply from our Customer service,

Are you able to revisit this and further continue your case via through that thread?

Thank you,

i haven’t received any reply…?

Dear Customer,

We have resent this from our side,

Please let us know if it is still an issue on your end with receiving it,

Thank you

@Leeloss The support teams replies are streamlined now. Please let us know in case you have not recieved any response. Also check you spam folders. Thanks.