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Hello fellow projector owners and Philips, my 2 year old son thought it was a smashing idea to play with the remote and when I was trying to take it from him my son thought I was playing with him, one thing led to another and he threw the remote on the floor.

Since then I can’t use the mouse pointer function, the remote is a bit slower and also has limited range compared to before.

I like the projector but my big question is, can I buy a replacement remote? Yes I know it’s my own fault and I’ve had to hide everything from my son but occasionally shit happens and this was one of those times.

Where can I buy a replacement remote for the picopix max?

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With regards to your request here, please reach out to us at

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Thank you! I wrote a email now and I’m looking forward hearing from support.

It sounds like the Bluetooth disconnected. Did you try re pairing the remote?

“ In order to do so, please go to the projector Settings>Bluetooth. On the remote control, press OK**+** Volume- keys for 4 sec until the LED blinks. You should see the Philips AirMote appearing on the projector Bluetooth Device List. Press Connect on the remote control.”

This app works great. At least until you get a replacement if not for good!

Seriously didn’t you think I would try this? It’s not that at all, it’s severally damaged and not disconnected from
Bluetooth. I can’t use the pointer which is essential when selecting what to watch on Netflix when you can’t the arrows

I don’t use android, my grandmother bought Macintosh way back and since then my whole family and most relatives don’t use anything else except apple products

If my new replacement projector sells, I’ll have a spare remote for sale if that helps.