Buzz noise when not using lowest brightness settings


After installing today’s update, which lowers the fan noise, I’ve noticed low-pitched buzz noise coming probably from the light source. It appears when using at least:

  • Normal brightness mode with unplugged charger EDIT: this one is pitched higher and is hardly audible
  • Energy saving mode with plugged charger

Honestly I find this buzz noise more annoying than the previous fan noise, which masked it.

Does anyone else have this kind of problem? This might be matter only of faulty unit.

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I think it’s normal but with the masking gone now audible.

Perhaps @Philips_Support_P can comment on this?

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Now I’ve found out that it’s actually more audible (and low-pitched) when power is drawn from the charger. Not immidiately when it is plugged, I guess light changes the source of the power from battery to external (to preserve battery health).

Without charger it’s not so unpleasant.

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How close or far away are you from the projector to hear this buzz?
I too noticed the buzzing in the morning straight after the update, that’s because I can’t hear any fan noise and I was worried, so I stuck my ears right up to it,
But to me that was just an electrical device especially with a bright light humming, which seemed normal when the room is dead quiet, unless you can hear it from a fair distance away then I wouldn’t worry about it

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I can hear it in the whole room, even 10 meters away from it, and it’s definitely louder than my PC’s fans I’m sitting next to.

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Well that sounds like a major issue then

I’ll try to record audio sample, got some high quality microphone around.


Or if you have or can download a decibel reading app on your phone to check

Honestly, maybe it’s my phone but it didn’t change much (around 44dB vs 45dB). Different frequencies might be less or more annoying, while staying within same intensity.

Here’s sample (I can’t upload audio files to screeneo, mp3’s and wav’s are prohibited): noise.wav - Google Drive

After 4 seconds I connect the charging plug and in 14 seconds mark I disconnect it.

The buzz is actually even more perceivable in real liife than in recording.

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Could you check the sharing of the audio file? At least I couldn’t access it.

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Fixed the link, thx for pointing it out

There’s second recording, which might be better audible noise2.wav - Google Drive

I hear the same buzzing noise but only when I am super close to it. It bothers me less than the fan noise from before.


I’ve been using it a little bit and it really occurs only when charger is connected, no matter of the brightness setting. And it’s clearly coming from the light source, when it switches to draw power from adapter. I still find it quite annoying, sadly got noone around to compare it.

Should I make new thread?

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No, why, is this one not serving your needs?

I’ve also noticed this sound, I had been testing with FW 1.0.32 which had the fan noise reduction and did not have this extra noise. It is so apparent that I even thought at first that the adaptive fan control did not make it into the FW 1.1.0 version, and reported this. It’s only after your post that I tested and indeed discovered it’s coming from the light engine when powered. I know this as indeed it only starts when the light output becomes brighter when powered, a second or so after plugging in.

I’ll downgrade to 1.0.32 later this week to see if this changes anything.


I heard it too. Now I use eco mode on battery.

Yeh I’m getting the buzz noise when plugged in, & goes away when turned off it’s abit annoying & normal mode the noise level fan hasn’t really changed much

So hopefully it’s solvable through tweaking FW :slight_smile:

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I’ve made mention of this issue in the beta section after extensive testing last night, so the tech team will have a look.