Can PPM connect to google speaker for sound output?

As title, I can’t find my device in Bluetooth list

I got the Google Max speaker, did you enable bluetooth pairing from the Google Home app?

Hi @Ryanwong yes it should work fine. On an Amazon Echo speaker I can say “Alexa, connect Bluetooth” and then search for it in the PicoPix. On Google, saying “Hey Google, turn on Bluetooth” should do the trick.

Make sure that on PicoPix Max Bluetooth settings screen, you click “Scan for Devices” after putting your speaker into pairing mode. Otherwise the device may not appear.

Oh thank you guys
U guys use the speaker to search the PPM
Let me try it
I was using PPM to search the speaker

I have paired it, when I play video, where to choose the output device? The sound still goes out from PPM

It is not that we use the speaker to search for the PPMax. It is putting the Google speaker into Bluetooth pairing mode so that the PPMax can find the speaker to connect to.

I have just tested pairing my Google Home Mini to PPMax. Sound automatically comes from the Google Home Mini once it is connected. However, once I turn on my JBL Bluetooth speaker, the PPMax automatically connects to it and audio switches over to the JBL. I then turn off the JBL speaker but sound now comes from the PPMax instead of going back to the Google Home Mini which is still connected as I had checked in the settings. I have to disconnect and reconnect the Google Home Mini for it to work again.

Not sure why we can’t choose the Google Home speakers as a casting device instead. They are on the same wifi.

WiFi is something completely different from Bluetooth