Can’t focus whole image, either top or bottom is out of focus

Hello! I’ve finally got my PPM and I must say it is quite a nice piece of hardware!

I do have one issue:
The projector can’t focus the whole image, there are areas that are out of focus.
If bottom (subtitles) area is focused then the top area goes out of focus and vice versa.

The projector is tilted at about 20 degrees, auto keystone is on (and works nicely) and it is about 2.5mt from the screen. Also, the projector is lower than the bottom part of the image.
I’ve been struggling for a couple of days both with autofocus and manual focus but I can’t get all of it to be sharp.

Any ideas?



Any lens, whether projecting or capturing an image, has a so called Depth of Field. In your case the distance and angle projecting at cause the depth of field to become shallow, which means the image will only have part of it in focus. I’d recommend focusing and fine tuning for the middle of the screen to be sharp. That way you distribute the soft focus area evenly above and under the middle.

I tried that, knowing how lenses work, but if I focus the center of the image then the subtitles are not in focus and it becomes very tiring to read them.

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Hi mate, try position it as level (horizontally straight) as possible and you should get a pretty even focus across the screen.

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Then if you can’t follow Ronald’s advice I think you should focus a bit below center, closer to the subtitle region, until they’re enough in focus to be legible.