Can’t reinstall Netflix

I accidentially removed Netflix app after updating to 1.1.00. I am not able to reinstall it.

I click the app icon on home screen, there is only an “Open” option. I remember there should be an “reinstall” option in previous firmware.

I try to download the app again in Aptoide TV, it seems Netflix app from Aptoide TV is not supported by PPM.

How can I fix this?

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I also have this issue,

Cannot reinstall Netflix after firmware update.

Please help.

I haven’t had this issue myself, and I can’t test it right now. If you’re in a hurry to get it fixed, you could do a factory reset. That at least should solve the problem. This would reset the device completely, and you would have to install all of your own apps and log in to everything again.

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Had the same issue, simply did a factory reset and Netflix (and MX Player Pro) was back to the versions that are supported.

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Did you factory reset then do the Firmware upgrade? Does Amazon Prime Video work for you?

The other way around. First upgrade, then reset. But the reset isn’t really necessary, it’s just a way to get working Netflix if you happen to update that even though the instructions says not to AND you can’t reinstall it after uninstalling.

I first did the firmware upgrade and then did the factory reset.

I wish I would have known that. I’ve had my device since January, and I’m just finding out about this forum today. They are super sloppy with the information.

How do I get Netflix working again? It worked back in January, but it has not worked on my device in months. I keep getting the message "the device is not supported by the app:.

@Wolfjaw please uninstall Netflix by pressing the MENU ≡ key on the remote and choosing Uninstall. After that, the Netflix icon will still be there, it’s a placeholder, click it again to install the default version.

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On my PPM Disney+, Ziggo, Spotify and Netflix works fine, altough I get a message that an update of Netflix is available. I posted how I got it working.

@monsterayt try my post