Can’t update PPM

PPM (out of the box) is running 1.0.21, however I can’t update to 1.0.25 as it says I’m running the latest version.

Link to download for offline update also doesn’t work.

image image

Got my ppm today (yeah!) and have exactly the same issue when trying to run the update. Am connnected to WiFi (all apps are working) and have restarted the app. Version is also 1.0.21

Managed to download 1.0.25 by changing the link in the “How to do offline update”-topic. -->

thanks, gonna try that as well

The link seems to be unavailable. Will try again tomorrow

I had the same issue today after unboxing but after trying for the second time everything went fine

Hi everyone,

There was an issue with the update server. It was overloaded because of all the EU deliveries and updates:) the server is being scaled up to prevent this from happening again. Should work without issues now:)


It’s the wrong link. version= should be your current version. The server will push the proper update for your version. It’s not to choose which version to download.

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Thanks, online update is working again!

Oops! Anyway it works now. Thanks!