Cannot Focus Manual or Auto

I cannot get my PicoPix Max to focus at all. Neither autofocus or manual. It occurred like this a few times before but within a day, it would finally focus. Not anymore. I’ve recorded a video but this forum will not allow new users to upload files. Please help!

You should be able to upload now, please edit your first post and add the clip.

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This unfortunately seems to be a known issue with the earliest batch of projectors where the focusing wheel would come loose due to too little glue used to keep it from falling off. Some people have fixed this themselves but in doing so voided their warranty most likely.
I’d recommend you send an email to with a link to this thread.

Thank you for the response. I have emailed them & included the video. I’ve heard horror stories of not receiving a response. Do you know the average response time for an issue like this? I’m sure it’s affected by the virus. Thank you again for your response.

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They’re working from home, so they may be working on a backlog. But hopefully things will start to get better soon.

This is expected, some of the fresh-out-of-factory units need 10-12 activations of the auto-focus mechanism before it starts to focus reliably. It’ll focus reliably from here on out.

The reply script you’ll get from support will mention this too.

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Unfortunately I’ve been using it for months with little issues & it has now stopped focusing completely. Philips has contacted me & I’ll be sending them all of the information. Hopefully they’ll replace it or fix it within a timely manner. Thanks for your input.

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OK I see.

I was approved for a replacement & they said they’d send pickup information. I completely understand that everything is delayed because of the virus. However, I’ve sent 3 emails over the past 10 days & cannot get a response from them anymore. Does anyone know if this is typical for this step? Thanks in advance for your response.