Cannot to turn on my PPM

Hi everyone.

I’m a backer from Thailand. I received my PPM on Thu 23rd Jan.

After turning on and testing the PPM for about 1 hour, the machine suddenly turns off. At first I thought that because of the battery runs out. When charging the battery until the light turns from red to blue, then I try to turn it on again, but nothing happened (no fan noise, no light). In addition, the PPM is still warm all the time. Even if the PPM is not plugged in to charging the battery.

P.S. I tried to do follow this “Troubleshooting: Projector won’t power on / no picture display / shuts down soon after starting” but didn’t help.

What should I do? Should send email to……………….? Or how to request a replacement for a broken device?, help me please

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I am also in Thailand, having similar issue.
Shutdowns right after turned it on or minutes after. But I found out the room temperature could be the reason. I put AC below 25 C and its working well in colder conditions. Seems my usual room temp 27-28 C is not acceptable by device. What is the room temperature where you’re using the projector?

I use PPM in the room with AC setting temp. to 24 C and the room temperature is approximately 24-26 C. After the device turn off itself. Now, I won’t turn on the device again, no matter what I do, it did’t help. Moreover, my device is still warm all the time untill now that looks like the electrical circuits inside the device are still working(or short circuit) but no fan noise, indicator light not turn on, no anything.

@Philips_Support_P what do you think is causing these thermal related shutdowns and what can be done about them?

Hah, this is strange issue to have. I doubt that it is because of these temperatures.
Did QC also include such tests on more extreme temperatures… Although 25 degreese is completely normal.

I’m having the same issue. Only the fan turns on and no light comes on.


I sent an email to at 25th Jan and just a moment ago I got a reply email with a “Ticket ID” and link to fill out the “PicoPix Max Return Form”.

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did you get it working? I’m having the same issue, the fan turns on.

Hi @zyrah it sounds like a hardware fault. Please take one or two pics or a short video clip and send it to (mention PicoPix Max). You’ll receive a return form to fill and it will be exchanged with another one.