Cannot understand screen projection


I had sent an email in the past to the support email but never received a response. I am having an extremely frustrating time trying to figure out how to get a proper projection onto a screen.

I have tried to connect through hdmi with my mac and my ipad. No issues with projection and some fiddling with an external speaker gets me my music; and at some odd times through the onboard speaker. all random for me.

Now main issues is no consistency with autofocus, setting the corners, zoom, etc.

When I plug in and initially project, I can see the onboard menu. Here takes a while depending on distance to screen, etc. (never has been consistent on startup on screen size even with same distance).

If i change input to hdmi, then screen projection is completely different and edges and shape of projection are completely different from what it was set to prior.

When the movie plays, again a completely new projection sometimes incredibly large even if i have zoomed down to 80%. Actually it makes absolutely no difference for movie size if scaled down or up it seems. Please note that this has been tested with the same input meaning downloaded movie, from itunes store, etc. all tried multiple times.

Some recent pics with playing around with it today and the sad sad sad end result which was the only thing viewable properly. what am i doing wrong? is this thing completely broken?

Well this is also another annoyance as i can only put one image up for now as i am a new user on this forum. more annoying as cant even find a simple contact email to share these shots and being forced onto this forum as obviously no one is responding to the email posted on indiegogo in a former update.




This is a known aspect of the PPM. The 4 corner correction and possibly Digital Zoom are what you’re using and which allows the image to be displayed in a proper rectangle on the screen, as seen in the 3rd picture. This however only works on internal sources, or with images coming to the PPM via casting or mirroring.

As soon as you use HDMI or USB-C video inputs, the image doesn’t pass through the Android OS on the PPM and therefore can’t be corrected like it does when the source is internal, leading to loss of the ability to correct the corners or apply a zoom factor.

So will these keystone features become available for the hdmi later on in updates. My back up plan is to plug a chromecast dongle in for Netflix and Prime.

Hi @Rob123.

No, it won’t, because of hardware limitation.
But for Netflix and Prime purpose, you can use apps directly inside PPM and in this context, 4-corner correction and digital zoom are available.

Hi @Shuri and @Rob123, first of all welcome to the forum. The global help desk is supporting many different products, so for PicoPix Max technical help, you can get faster answers on the forum.

What you’re experiencing is a limitation of the external HDMI and USB-C inputs, as described here: INFO: Limitations of features for HDMI and USB-C inputs.

Yeah sadly, as they mentioned, this is a limitation hardware-wise.

I noticed though that you seem to have a 4:3 aspect ratio screen and it seems like you are trying to adjust the projection to fit it. Is that correct? Because if yes, I suggest NOT to do this because you’re messing up with the image since you are just basically stretching/compressing the image. Also, I think that’s also what happens when you said that playing video would change the shape as well. Most videos are 16:9 or even wider.

Honestly, if you have the budget, I suggest you get a 16:9 screen :wink:


Thanks Prashant. So could the Andriod OS access the hdmi source? Was just wondering if a viewer app which fed from the hdmi source and then you could take advantage of the keystone feature.