Can't go "home" when having the HDMI port in when turning the device on

So I’m not sure if this has been posted before. But I have this problem that when I turn the projector on with a HDMI device connected, it will automatically choose that input and there is no way for me to change it. The only buttons that will work on the remote are the power and the focus button.

Only when I connect the HDMI when the projector is already turned on, I can use the home button.


Does Home work if you unplug and replug the HDMI source or does it require a restart of the projector without HDMI source connected for Home to work? Curious issue, I haven’t seen it mentioned earlier.

Of them many odd things the picopix does, mine does not do this. Is that a single HDMI source you tried, or every HDMI source does the same?

I honestly had this problem all day today, but now when I try to recreate it, everything works fine. So I guess it’s fixed?

I had the same issue several time and I suspect the Bluetooth pairing between the PPM and the remote is falling at boot. I didn’t try to use the touch panel when it occurred.

I had the same issue. It’s repeatable. I can get back to home once I unplug the hdmi. I think it should not be standard behavior. Whether hdmi is plugged or unplugged (active or not), the home button should work and return ppm to the launcher.

Mine ALWAYS returns to the Home screen upon pressing the Home button on the remote or the touchpad.

I have the same issue. And now when I plug in usb c it’s happens. I have to unplug turn it off and on then plug in. It’s ceiling mounted! Not fun.

It doesn’t respond even if you unplug it from the source’s side? :flushed:

No. The touchpad doesn’t respond. It fully locks up. Only by removing the hdmi and usbc. I have a multi hdmi box. So I guessed it was that at first. But now the usb c is the same it must be internal. Auto connect not working correctly. Would be nice to turn that off. If that is the issue.

I have the same issue with HDMI plugged in. I think I already posted this in a different thread. This is a serious issue for many users who just use HDMI source.
@Philips_Support_T Can this be looked into please?

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We are already looking into it.

Thanks @Philips_Support_P

Can you guys update to 1.0.29 and check if it still happens? Over here we can’t reproduce it so far.

So far it seems okay. I will change a few things today and see if it remains stable. Thanks for all the work you are all doing.


Downloading 1.0.29. Fingers crossed

So far the problem seems to disappear after updated to latest 1.0.29. Will keep you posted.

UPDATE: Sorry guys, the problem persisted. So long HDMI is connected, there are times I couldn’t go back to home. It’s by physically unplug hdmi for the remote home button to work.

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1.0.29 and problem still exists.

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Unfortunately the issue is still there. HDMI plugged in. Unit turned off and the next morning when turned on the unit is stuck on the no signal screen. Unable to use the remote at all. Not the touch screen. Physically removing the usbc and hdmi from the rear of the unit is the only way to fix it. And another issue I use MW60 Master and Dynamic headphones. And I have to unpair and pair every time I turn on the unit.


Yes. Problem still persist. I so happen to have a hdmi switch box. I switched away and then use the remote to go back to home screen (launcher).