Can't play downloaded Netflix movies offline

Today I found a problem with the Netflix app, after switching off wifi I tried to play a movie already downloaded just because I was curious to see if I can watch downloaded content when I don’t have access to wifi,
after launching the app it would load straight to my downloaded files which was good and I guess expected since it can not load anything from the site, but after clicking on a movie file I got this error code
‘There is a problem with the video file. (102.2.6)’, so playback was not possible,
Then I tried switching wifi back on and all was fine, and if I switch off wifi after this and go back to it, I was still able to play it,
So after googling the error code the solution given for this code was to set the time and date to automatic, Netflix says 'There is a problem with the video file. (102.2.6)'
So my guess is because the ppm requires an internet connection to update the time Netflix is throwing this code when it doesn’t know the current time,
Now I don’t know if this has been reported before or if anyone is looking in to it, but I do hope there will be a fix for it, because my main use for this is local storage and downloaded files for camping trips etc, when it will be possible

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