Can't read TNT streams/channels on Orange TV app (French)

I’m using Orange TV apps (France), latest version 8.4.1 from Aptoid. Since last week, 90% of the TNT TV programs can’t be read.

I have error codes P531 or P532 when trying to view a TV channel.

I have contacted Orange support and nothing can fix this issue. Frustrating. I used to watch TV on PicoPIX Max for months without issue. Other TV apps are working.

Can anybody help ?



Same here, we could not read a movie last weekend. Cannot remember exactly which error code but one of these 2 (P531 or P532) as well. We just used a computer and a good old HDMI cable!

@Philips_Support_P who can help on this?

Thank you,

Hello guys, for all third party apps, you need to ask to the original app developper.

Hi, I have already contacted Orange support. They have checked everything and can’t do anything. The stream stopped working one day without any update on the apps (but it is working on my other android devices such as samsung phone or tablets or desktop computer). They told me to contact you…

Well, nobody can’t do anything or refuse to investigate. Great… When will you update the new firmware btw?

Hello, the 1.2.1 will be ready those days, still continuing to test.
Concerning third party apps, I think you can understand that as we are not the developper, we cannot support the 4000 apps on the store.

I have finally deleted the Orange TV app and installed Molotov TV app which is working great. I have all the French TV channels on it :)) No hassle, no ads and free.