Careful with the remote while caring the projector in a bag

The thing to consider here is that the power button on the remote can be accidentally pressed, thus turning the projector on while in the bag. This can become very “hot” Situation.

A possible fix i would suggest is to use the focus sensor - maybe can be used to assess the environment: too hot and not able to focus, or the focus is too close… Shut it down.

Wow, @PhilipsEngineering is this really the case? I’m still waiting for mine but such accidental turn-ons are not a good experience.

I don’t have my PPM yet, and I plan to travel with it.
It seems that the best thing to do is to keep batteries off the remote.

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Or even better just have it really powered off,

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But isn’t power on IR only? Shouldn’t be hard to make sure there is no line of sight or reflection path from r.c to picopix

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If I don’t want something that’s battery powered to accidentally be activated (the remote in this case) I usually just insert one of the batteries the wrong way around, or a piece of non-conductive plastic in between the battery connector and the battery.
I have a Microsoft Surface Ergonomic keyboard where MS didn’t think of putting an On/Off switch on it, which meant that after 2 days in my laptop bag the batteries were dead due to unintended key presses. So I started to put a piece of plastic in between.


This very much possible and that’s why I remove the remote’s battery when traveling. However, it’s still possible to press the power button on the projector itself accidentally. Sadly, this is something we can only prevent with the way how we store it. I had this experience with my previous pico projector which turned on while in my bag and it was too late when I saw it. It wasn’t burning or something but the display gut burns and pretty much unusable.
It would have been better if it has a 2-step turning on mechanism like other projectors. Some pico projectors has like a mechanical lens cover which is required to be toggled for the power button to actually turn on the projector.

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What about a temperature sensor that cuts off when too hot? There is one allready inside and manages the fan.

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There is also a temperature based cut-off already in place, but that may be too late in case of being stored in a case or bagas the heat has nowhere to dissipate to.

Perhaps someone can 3D-print an accessory for the PPX: a brace/cover for the front or back that when placed at the front covers the lens and at the back covers the Power button! :bulb:


Great suggestion. I’d vote for it :+1:

I did smtg similar, I removed the bataries so there is a workaround but not ideal.

I had a similar issue with my Philips Body Groom which has built-in batteries and no turn off.

Back to PPMAX… If it can be fixed it will be great!

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