Casting without wifi or reception

I did put this in the feature suggestions category but that place doesn’t get much traction , so I thought here this might get more views and discussion, anyway vote up there if you can thanks as I am really keen for it,

I’ve tested out both screen mirroring and casting on my iPhone with my home wifi disabled,
then turning on personal hotspot on my phone and connecting the ppm to it, this seemed to work alright,
but then I. turned off Mobile/cell reception on the phone to simulate what it’s like in areas with either poor or no reception, by doing so the personal hotspot is automatically disabled and the connection between phone and projector is lost,
So I would like to see the ability to create an Ad Hoc network within the ppm so it can connect with other devices like a phone tablet or pc, that way there is no reliance on wifi or a mobile network and data in order to cast or mirror content already saved in our devices, plus I believe not all countries or networks allow mobile tethering either.

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