Ceiling mount options

Anyone with a suggestion is welcome.

Searching the internet, I found this solution which looks very promising:

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I’ve been watching the following item on eBay for a while, but I’m waiting for my PPM to arrive before I buy it!

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I’ve got one of these, great quality. They come in black and white.

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I bought an Arkon mount:

or this one:

These are also available on Amazon.

This was just $8.76 when I purchased it :grin:

Planning my media room at Home around this projector. I still see “No shipment with given tracking number found.” i am getting impatient :wink:

Any idea what kind of ceiling mount that i can consider? Does it come with one? Additionally, what is the max length of the USB C cable and power rating? It will be great if someone can point me to the information.

For a portable projector a ceiling mount ? Why?
Should have bought a wired one then …has better resolution.
But if u really want then this is a cheap choice.

Caprigo Super Heavy Duty 2 Feet Projector Ceiling Mount Stand, Adjustable Universal Projector Wall Bracket (White : C447)

Or wait till next month…I’m getting an imported mount for my other projector which I may not need

great. thank you.

I don’t think this will work with the PPM, it’s more for bigger projectors the PPM only has one small 1/4 inch tripod hole on the back centre

Don’t they all have 1/4 inch holes ?

This will work.



But your example is designed for large projectors with 4 mounting holes same as VESA mounts on the back of a TV, where as the PicoPix and all other mini projectors have only one mounting hole in the centre

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Not strictly a cieling mount but works for my living room and offers an alternative location that are not fixed


Dude thats great.

Also a consideration is getting a GoPro to 1/4" kit -

Then I’ve been putting cheap GoPro foot mounts with 3m in more frequent locations, then I’ve just got this

Which with a little of fiddling seems to be another cool mount possibility

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