Change the default app for media reading

Do you know how to change the default app which read the video ? In the file explorer I’ve select Google video for my file but I regret it and I want to change it
Thanks !

up ?

Go to Settings >> About and click on the software version repeatedly until a menu on the right appears. Not sure exactly where but I think you can find the settings there.

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Thanks ! But I’ve tried all settings menu and didn’t see this… (but I discover a lot of settings :slight_smile: )

I really think it’s there or at least a way to reset default apps. Try to look for it again. Maybe I’ll look for it later :slight_smile:

I found it in case you still haven’t.
Go to Apps and look for the app you want to set as default or the currently set one. There’s an option there to clear the default for that app :wink:

Thanks; I didn’t find this, you saved me :slight_smile: