Charger bursted and caught fire


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Untill now everything worked just fine, as well charging or watching movies while plugged in.

Today I wanted to recharge the battery and plugged everything in as usual. Nothing different on the outlets or anything. After charging a few seconds the part plugged in in the outlet made a loud bursting sound and then it started smoking and caught fire. Was able to stop it imediatly, but REALLY?

Just aside that I’m upset about what could have happened if I would have left the room, I don’t have anything to charge my PicoPix now. Where can I get a new charger?

Guys, be careful! Don’t leave it unsupervised!


That’s a bit shocking.

Sounds like a defective charger, but did you make any errors like plugging into the video port?

I wondered if there is a protection on that port since it is so close to the charging port.

No I double checked before plugging in. So it was the right port…


Did you update to latest fw before this ?

Nope. I wanted to watch movies tonight and thought I’d plug it in for the updates. Projector is fine, it has 30% left now…

By the way it’s almost impossible to find 4A chagers in stores… wth…

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You might be able to find some suggestions of working chargers on these threads:

Or if you would also be interested in a powerbank that can charge/run the device this thread might help

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Is there a warranty for that charger!? Any way of replacement? I want to use the original charger than try and error with “where to find a 5A charger in switzerland”…

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Please answer. Thanks.

Please post a picture of this

Hello, in order to move forward, please can you send your request on, specifying your delivery address. Thanks

Thank you so much!

I had the same issue but mine only did this. This is the spot of defective item. I think this will be common .

I got a new one with warranty, but i hope the new one will not burn my house down.


That layout on the PCB looks abit off. looks like a two layer PCB and 0 copperfill. I get that you want to keep isolation to max in a power layout but thats pretty ridiculous. So much space where fatter traces could have been. Hard to tell what component blew on from the picture but my best guess is the rectifier.

Kind of scary as I have left mine to charge over night in the living room which is right by my kids room. Won’t be doing that any more.

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I’m too paranoid to do that, I dont even charge my phone over night :smile: