Charger coil whine

Hi all,

I’m hearing significant coil whine from the charger, more then any other device I’ve ever had. And I’ve had a lot.

Am I an exception, or are others experiencing the same?

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I can hear it too. It’s much like the high frequency of some routers.

I can’t hear a thing which is either because I don’t have it yet or I’m going deaf. As I’m backer 12k+ I guess I’ll keep you posted :+1:

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I only hear noticable coil wine when charging my headphones off the adapter. Might be voltage dependent in my case as these headphones charge at 5V

Hmmm… my home is dead quiet and I can’t hear it at all. I’ll check again…

I hear the included charger whining when the PPM is off. It is not crazy loud but noticeable when I am trying to sleep with the charger .3m away. Fortunately I have a power strip with individual switches for each plug, and I just turn it off.

The whining noise stops the moment I press the power on button on the PPM or AirMote, even before fan and projection actually start.

The whine is NOT present when I connect PPM to third party USB C PD 87W charger, whether the PPM is on or off.

pretty loud coil whine too