Chromcast issue

Hi, I am having issue with my Picopix max for Chromcast on iPhone X/ Huawei P30 Pro
I tried both devices to make sure not phones issues.

  1. Netflix instant shown sscr-s4010-2203-2004-g error without even loading/ trying to connect

  2. Youtube cant cast from phone it said connecting and the youtube app opon on projector, but nothing else happened after, also I tried the work around (Youtube on TV), but its buggy/ always play back previous video.

I factory reset the unit and did nothing. Anyone has similar issue/ possible fix?

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  • Casting protected content won’t work (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon…) you need to use the internal app
  • Concerning youtube: did you connect the same account on the projector and on your phone?

Something changed for protected content? Havnt use my projector for a while but a while back still works?

Youtube, yep I did, stuck at connecting and nothing happened.