Comparable PJ whilst recommending a Max One

Just an FYI to the PJ community.

I’ve visited a friend who is looking for a small full HD PJ, now there are 4 of us with the PPX 620, so I was showing him that, but advising the PPX Max one with a dongle or his Ps4.

But then I came across the Epson EF 11/EF12 PJ’s with a laser light source at 1000 lumens, anyone seen these?

Price wise there more than the Philips, but they look a nice level up.

They don’t look very portable to me. Also that price for a 1000lm makes it a pass for me.

Thats fair comment.

In the UK ive found the EF11 for for not a great deal more than the Philips Max one, and although possibly a touch larger,the extra 200 lumens is decent and gets good reviews.