Connecting phone via cable

Hi! Can I connect my phone via a USB C (phone) - USB (PicoPix Max) cable? Will the PicoPix Max see my phone as an external disk and will I be able to play content from my phone via PicoPix file explorer?

If you use the USB-A connection on the PPX then yes, It should see it as an external drive.

Connecting a regular USB to the projector and a USB type C to the phone does not work, the projector does not see the phone as a hdd.
I will try with a USB type C cable connected to the projector and the same type C connection on the phone.

What kind of phone is it? I think you need an OTG cable for this to work if your previous attempt failed.

The USB-C ports on the PPX620 do NOT transfer any data, only power or video signals, so that would not work to see the phone as a data drive.

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