Connecting via HDMI to Windows 10: "No Signal"

Has anyone else had the following challenge connecting Windows 10 PC to the PicoPix Max via standard HDMI:

I own the 2014 Picopix and have connected it via HDMI from my W10 PC to the projector without a problem. Now when I connect the new one via the same cable with following settings:

Selected from projector input settings the correct channel
Windows 10 PC: Screen set to Extend (tried also with duplicate and external only)

PC screen goes black (connected) and then projector shows error "No Signal"

Q: Is it related to firmware?
Q: Is it related to projector deep settings or W10 settings?

Can you post a screenshot of the Windows display settings control panel, where we can see the unit actually being detected as another display?

This is how my Windows 10 laptop sees the PPM when connected via HDMI:

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