Connections for Apple TV + Micro SD

My Pico is on its way to the UK - order 5###
One way that i would like to use it is plugging my Apple TV 4K into it for video - how would I then get the audio to my A/V amp please? I would have to move the Apple TV across the room from the amp so it’s close to the Pico, so I’m guessing I’ll need a long lead, but I’m not sure what sort of lead I’ll need.
Im also thinking about a 128GB Sandisk Extreme Micro SD card - will that be ok?

Hi @Jake

The best way is to have this chain :
AppleTV -> Amp -> PPM
Therefore your Amp will get the audio and forward the video to your PPM.

For my setup, I’ve bought a 3 meters HDMI cable to go from my Amp to my PPM, and it’s ok.
In addition, in order not to have to plug/unplug and move the cable from my TV to my PPM, I’ve added a HDMI splitter with which I can toggle from one to the other :wink:.

For the SD Card, it should be ok, but not tested.

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Lovely - thanks for the advice!

My receiver (fancy form of / word for amplifier) actually has two video outputs, so I bought a 7,5m HDMI cable and can now send video from any of the sources the receiver has connected to it to the PPM, with sound out through the receiver.

Thanks- I’ve just ordered a 7m cable!

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You’re using the microSD card for storing movie files? I’m using SanDisk Ultra 128GB. Works fine. I think the Extreme is faster so should be fine too.

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Actually, “Receiver” is used to describe an amplifier with a radio receiver built in. #nerd

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