Control Volume & On/Off with 3rd Party RC

I was trying to get my Roku RC to control volume and on off button on the PPM, is there a tv code number that the PPM will respond to?

If not, please consider for a future enhancement.


I assume your Roke RC is using IR?
My own remote uses a USB dongle and works well.
It also has IR but obviously the dongle is better albeit hogging the only USB port.

Hello Guys, we are now checking with Logitech to integrate our IR codes into Logitech remotes.
Does your Roku is CEC?

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Hi Philips,

How about integration with Nvidia Shield TV? It also has the ability to send custom IR signals. I’ve tried using HDMI-CEC controls (Volume, Turn Off, Turn On) from the Shield to the PPM, but that doesn’t seem to work.

Roku does apparently do CEC.

Have raised below question on RC compatibility with PPX on the Roku Community site. No responses yet…

CEC haa been deactivated and wont be coming back. There was a possibility of the PJ turning on by itself and potentially overheating.