Creation of discussions for S4 and S6 Screeneo Owners

Hello Engineering Teams !

When do you think you will be able to open support and discussions for Screeneo S4 & S6…

Philips support is not answering at all ( in France ) but we have several issues

  • Netflix definitions is limited to SD format … unfortunately for HD ( S4) and 4K ( S6) videoprojector it’s killing our eyes…
  • In France mycanal application is not working due to Google service missing from Philips side on the S4&S6 projector
  • Slowmotion is ok on S6 but not available on S4 ( despite it is a caracteristics sold… )

It’s a real pity to propose such good hardware with those basics software issue

Really thank you for your future support because Philips support is not answering… ( Phone , FB,…)



For your information, a Facebook Group have been created (Thanks Lewis) for S4 and S6 Owners in France to share good practices …waiting for Philips support.

Something is wrong with Philip’s software efforts. The software quality and performance on the PPM is atrocious.