Dead on arrival?

I have just received the item. Beautifully packaged, and good initial impression.
Then I switched it on and … lots of fan noise, but no video output.
What’s the process for returning an item that is dead on arrival?

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Here are instructions for returning the unit:

I’ll try leaving it charging for a while. Not hopeful but might as well.
It powers up even without charger connected, and power light shows blue.
In addition to the fan noise, if in pick it up there is a sound like a motor trying to move something - like a disk drive starting up in the 90s and trying to move the head across the platter. This only happens when I first pick it up.

Sounds like the auto focus. It’s not gonna have a good time focusing without any visible output tho!

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Hi, you can also check this topic: Troubleshooting: Projector won’t power on / no picture display / shuts down soon after starting

If you still experience the issue after full charge and going through the troubleshooting guide, you can write directly to and explain the situation. This is also the email for returning units (defective or refund).


No response from email. Quick response from
Let’s see how quickly it gets turned around.

bugreport@ is closed, new emails auto forward to main support line at support@

Only the already existing emails sent to bugreport@ are being handled one by one.

Sent message to the support email, with backer number and they sent message back asking what device this is, so it’s obviously a standard support line. I’m taking that as good news because they should hopefully have their processes well in place.
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to send the requested info (device type and serial number) until 16:30 UK time, so I’m not expecting any further response until Monday.
I’ll keep you all informed.