Defect Repair/Replacement Process


I haven’t heard back from nor from now 6 days, so I’ll start again here. Can you please review and advise how I can proceed for authorization/info to replace or repair?

I received my PPM in Toronto, Canada on 31/12/2019 and used it for roughly 100 hours so far. I am Indiegogo backer contribution ID #4172.

Recently while watching a movie, I noticed a pixel or cluster of pixels has blacked out: whether burnout or dust, it is leaving a dark spot in the top left image area. I checked for dirt on the lens exterior and switched to another video source and then the home screen, even shutting off power and turning it back on, but the problem persists.

This should not be acceptable on a new projector, and I have concluded that the unit should be returned for either repair or replacement.

Please see image (link to shared file: ) illustrating the problem on my 120" screen. The flaw is tiny but annoying, like having a black housefly catching the eye as it permanently inhabits a corner of the movie screen.

How do I proceed to return the unit for warranty care? ALSO, when would be an ideal date to initiate return? With shipping delays, corona virus etc., I would rather live with the problem and wait until things have settled for quickest turnaround time, than ship it now and have no projector for several months.


Hi @dencentral it’s a clear warranty repair.
Please check your email you should’ve received a form to fill to initiate return.

I’ve been waiting months for my return label. Months have gone by and no response.
See attached image for proof.

I want my refund.

This is pathetic.

Hi @lilrkt I checked your case and found the following:

  1. You’re one of the 9 people to whom we couldn’t send the shipping label because of a problem with export documents. @PhilipsNono @PhilipsSupport what is the status? Last I heard the problem had been solved, correct? When can we pick up the remaining Canadian products?

  2. You’ve not received responses because it appears you’re replying to the now-defunct bugs@… email address. The central helpdesk is Normally your msgs should have been auto-forwarded to it, but due to an email migration problem, it wasn’t.

Sorry about the inconvenience, but it’s going to be resolved immediately.

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There were also problems with the Helpdesk and may still be problems with emails going missing.
Last week I was told this was sorted out and promised a return would be processed immediately.
After not hearing anything for a couple of days I asked for an update and was told “Next week”.
This week I have still received no email, and as yet no response to my follow up email yesterday morning.
So it may be worth someone from the Philips team on here checking that emails are still flowing OK and that the returns are indeed being processed.
The whole world lockdown may be hampering progress here, but a daily update to those affected shouldn’t be difficult.

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Emails are flowing OK, I have checked with IT.
@cjwilber I checked your follow up question was also received in the helpdesk but no agent has responded yet.


In charge of licensing, Andrew Mintz. The contact details are found publicly from Philips themselves at

Returned my defective PPM Thurs. 2 April by authorized UPS pickup in Toronto Canada and tracking shows it had already been received at Hong Kong destination by the time I was up the morning of Monday 6 April. So fast at intake for problems! No idea how long the replacement will be :flushed:. It wasn’t a bad projector except for a dead pixel that developed in the display after about 100 hrs. Fingers crossed things are smoothing out and it won’t take too long for the new one as initial orders are almost fulfilled.


@PhilipsNono @PhilipsSupport

This was from your email

Mar 27, 16:10 CET

Dear Mr Lee,

We wish to apologize for the inconvenience caused and are glad to inform you that a new product will be sent to you next week to the below address:

address redacted

We hope that this satisfies your request and we shall be happy, of course, to provide any other information that you deem helpful.

With our best regards,

PROJECTOR/FAX/STB Philips Consumer Care

This has not arrived till date and you have ignored all my correspondence and follow up. Are you going to deliver this product or do I have to escalate this again?

I’ve started getting consistent responses from the Helpdesk now.

  • They have acknowledged receipt of the returned item
  • They have said they will dispatch a replacement as soon as possible
  • They have explained that they’re having shipping difficulties and it might be a while
  • They have told me they will keep me informed via email rather than through Backerkit

With the current circumstances I can’t expect more than that. My biggest gripe with Screeneo was the lack of communication. Now they seem to have that in hand, I’m happy be patient.


The email you are quoting is dated 27th March and mentions the replacement being sent the next week, which is something between 30th March to 5th April. Taking into account the nightmarish logistical problems that companies all over the world are facing at the moment, I would say that expecting the projector to have arrived already is a wee bit optimistic, really.

If you have read what the good people of Screeneo have been posting on the forum during the last two weeks, you might have noticed that they have clearly said the next shipment will be sent later than they expected. Apparently it’s now scheduled to leave tomorrow.

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@djupsjob the message above is clearly from me to Screeneo as they are not responding through the standard channels and they have given people like me no choice. I do not need more unrelated parties and apologists participating in this matter between me and Screeneo/Philips.

Thank you.

Sorry, but no, it is definitely not “very clear” that it is your message that is dated 27th March. To me, the quoted message here below looks very much like it’s a message sent Mar 27 to Mr Lee (I presume that is you, as your username looks like it would match) from someone else. However, I apologise for the misunderstanding.

Also, why do you keep bringing up your case on this public forum if you consider it private between you and Screeneo? It’s like shouting in the street and then getting upset if somebody answers.

Always good practice to read and understand before you open your mouth, or in this case type.

Thank you for your concern nevertheless. Do you have other more productive things to share on this forum? If you shared how you can get a response with respect to the defect repair/replacement process (as per this thread) from Screeneo/Philips for example i’m sure that this would reflect better on you.

Assuming you have a functioning device already then perhaps other parts of this forum which allow you to share your experience would be of interest for you.

edit i note from another thread that you haven’t received your projector as well. I hope you receive yours soon to enable you to share productively. You also seem to be quite protective of the company in your other comments on this forum? Have you had experience with their products and service before?