Defective auto-focus


Since receiving my PPM I have had the problem of autofocus breaking in my projector. I sent an email on January 4th to the technical support but I didn’t get any feedback from them. What is the procedure to follow to have my defective PPM replaced.

Thank you

Just checking: did you mail to

@IvoGrijt I sent an email to the following address

Aha! That email address has been discontinued for a while now, don’t know if it’s still checked. Please forward your mail to and you should be contacted soon enough.

Make sure to forward the first mail so they can see when you first sent it. If you ever got an automated reply or something of the sort then include that also.

If possible please reply to this post if you manage get in touch with support, so we know if you’re gonna be sorted out or not.

I sent an email this morning I didn’t get a confirmation of receipt so I’m waiting for a reply and I’ll let you know.

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This defective focus wheel is of real concern, out of all the units that’s been shipped more than a few failed just from shipping, and those that survived the journey how long can they last?
Keep in mind this projector is designed and intended to be portable moved from room to room, go on travels camping trips stuffed in back packs etc,
So how does quality control work? is it just visually inspecting it? or are there any torture tests been done? Obviously I’m not suggesting a drop test, but some form of a shake test to simulate what this projector will go through in real life while being transported is needed? Or is this already done, hopefully we can get some answers to give us some confidence.

Same question here. And totally agree!

Good points!

From what I understood they had figured the issue well before manufacturing & sending the EU batch out, which was the last batch made before the Chines New Year and the lockdown. The fix was to use more glue than before. Most of the people with this issue on this forum were from an earlier batch, I don’t think I’ve seen EU backers who got theirs complain about this issue.

But still, how do they test the new batches indeed to avoid the return of this issue? :thinking:

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Unfortunatly i did. On Uk…


Yes I have read about the solution to add more glue to it, personally I don’t know how well that will fix the problem, In the type of glue used over time as it dries out will it lose its effectiveness? But having seen some owners taking it apart and done a diy fix by wedging foam etc in between to give extra support seem like a better fix,
While I haven’t been following where all the defective units are located I’m fairly sure they do include EU backers and not just north American or Asian

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And we are still waiting for the pickup of my faulty unit.
Sitll waiting the my second order (one of the EU forgotten)

They should change the name for this device. should be called Picopix Wait.

I have the same problem and I have sent several emails, even after filling the return shipment form for my picomax which has autofocus issue since I received it in December, can someone help me out, my ticket id is 116 and i have mailed it to as well.

But it is done nonetheless. 72 cm and 1.2 meter. Plus a whole host of other torture tests.

The autofocus was an issue in the first batch shipped before January. This has since been corrected. Anyone with the defect is getting a replacement under warranty, which extends to 24 months.


I received my unit before January and am in the U.S.A.
I have the same auto focus problem. It just does not focus sharply. It tries, but no go.

If you had this exact problem, it wouldn’t focus at all. From what I gathered from your posts it does focus, although not quite like you want it to.

Which firmware are you on by the way?

So, how do I get the unit to focus correctly?

Can you film a short 30 second clip of the problem you’re facing?

Will have to wait until I go back to my office. I am working from home now due to COVID-19. As soon as I get back, I will work on a short video for you to show the focus issue.

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Hello I’m returning to you because I haven’t had any response from technical support or anyone else. I understand that given the current state of things it must be complicated but will I have to stay with a defective device forever?

Did you get a ticket number? If so, did / can you follow these steps: